Photo Scanning is Awesome!

This winter I’ve needed to retopo some very complicated toys for a TVC. Searching for a solution I’ve try to photoscan them all 🙂 – I’m saying to get 3D objects from a series of photos.. a 3D scanner that works thanks to trigonometry!

I’ve get low quality mesh beacause of the shiny surface of the toys but enough to have some rough shapes to retopo. Going deep in photoscanning/photogrammetry matter I did some cool discoveries.

I can scann little to big (huge with drone camera) things. Obtaining very sharp surface and consistency 3D model thanks to this technique.

And more, I can extract deep, displacement map from that geometry and use it in CGI Albedo Map. Giving a strong plus to 3D materials in 3D Videos.

There are some awesome libray of photoscanned material out there. I did test some of them obtaining unbelivable serults.

Friendlyshade and Real Displacement Textures are two of them.

I’ve founded a series of juicy and fun videos on the argument from ClassyDogFilm.

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