Motion Graphics for KENZO

here it is! the new amazing KENZO video by Gianluca Grandinetti (director), produced by The Style Pusher and CGIed by me, Tommaso Malaisi. Realize Motion Graphics for the dreamy KENZOWORLD have been truly inspiring to me. There are some Skin Retouch and 3D Particles too. Shooted in Studio Santa Veronica in Milan. enjoy!

Prod. The Style Pusher
Directed by Gianluca Grandinetti
Ass. Director Giulia Grandinetti
DOP Giuseppe Puocci
Vfx Tommaso Malaisi
Styling Edoardo Caniglia
Mua Daria Boscarelli
Photographer Pietro Pappalardo
Supervisor Tommaso Ricci
Producer Lavinia Biancalani

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