Miss Gray – VFX Breakdown


This is the Breakdown for “Miss Gray”. An outstanding job for an independent music video! Me, Tommaso and Alessandro Moglie started this project in 2012 making some shooting test with canon 600D. We tested 50 fps with long blonde hair 🙂 – chroma key, and camera tracking. It was an ambitious project to shoot people on blue screen and recreate the environment from scratch.. so we don’t need surprise with the shooting!

I recreate the environment starting from the oil pump. Everything was made in Blender. I love that software. I love the open source philosophy! If someone doesn’ t know it look at this: http://www.blender.org A complete and from some years intuitive 3D package that contains modeling, uv, texturing, 3D painting, rendering, tracking, compositing, script for realtime process etc. Close this little parenthesis.. The render engine I used is Cycles.

From the beginning I was afraid for the interaction between Nuke (The Foundry Nuke), the compositing package I prefe, and Blender. I’m talking about send and return camera tracking information. I have made some test but mostly I did’t need nothing of this. 
I did some frame in blender and by the camera tracking in nuke I quickly setup my projection in nuke.

It was a really fast job! Chroma Key and roto were takes many times due to the very bad sheets we used 🙂 – 
Color Grade was made in nuke too. I did a fake lens flare you can see in almost every scene. Using a pentagon reflected on the lens in a photo that I did and I was replicate it and coulored it by Red Giant Particular for Nuke.

It worked!

Tommaso Malaisi

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