3D ME! – part II – The Rise and Fall of my little project!

I was trying to model, sculpt, map and render all in Cinema 4D and Vray for C4D but after model and sculpt my head (two times).. to my great regret I discovered that Vray for C4D doesn’t support C4D RGB map. Maybe if I aim to a still image rendering this is not a problem cause render a single image from a several million polygons is possible but it will be problematic soon in therms of animation, rigging and rendering side. In official forum they say that: vray is compatible with grayscale displacement map. I’ ve tried to  use grayscale map baked by intensity (centered or not) but with no happy results, so I choose to restart my job using Zbrush this time. I’m very new to this software so I’m starting from the very begin. By the way Zbrush is amazing! From my point of view is a great collection of huge plugins, ordered in a very random way.. but really a grat software; not only sculpting at all. Several unconventional way to model, rig, unwrap, decimate, paint etc. During this time I’ve spent to learn zBrush I found a very usefull and clever tutorial by Rich Nosworthy that explain workflow to bring displacement map from zBrush to Vray4C4D.
Zbrush To VrayforC4d 1.8 Workflow from rich nosworthy on Vimeo.
I’ve tested this workflow and works well for me!
On Rich Nosworty page, cggallery.com/#tutorials, you can find other Hi Quality Vray tutorial.
Displacement Map baked after sculpting in Cinema 4D is perfectly campatible with the internal render engine but I’m trying to achieve some photorealism in Vray for C4D.
These are the very first test. This model doesn’t look like my at all and I’ve get some problem trying to project mesh from high poly level to a low poly due to some holes I’ve hopened in the mesh for eyes and mouth. When I did project the mesh to retopo, it literally exploded!

 This is the second round. I’ve get a better resullt in therms of look-like and skin sculpting but is where I found the cul-de-sac of RGB displacement map incompatibility from C4D to Vray. 🙁

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, some fun (but not too much) renders obtainned from C4D baked maps in displacement Vray shader!

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